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Matting and Your Dog’s Coat | The Soapy Dog
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Matting and Your Dog’s Coat

Understanding your pet’s coat and maintenance, what is matting?


What is matting?


 Matts are your pet’s hair becoming tangled and bunching up together becoming solid. When this occurs, the coat begins to pull together either at the surface of the skin causing a solid barrier at the base of their coat, or mats can begin flowing down the coat in “dread-like” formations.


What does matting do to my pet?


Matting can be very painful and uncomfortable for your pet. It makes them itch and chew at their coat to try and release the irritation and discomfort themselves. When matting becomes tight to the skin surface, it bunches the top layer of skin together, which begins to irritate and tear the skin causing skin disorders such as; hot spots, open sores and dandruff.


What causes matting?


Matting is usually caused by external influences. Our pets LOVE to roll around at home, jump in the pond, go to the park and play with other dogs. Matting occurs naturally during all of these activities.  Longer coats require regular maintenance, or unfortunately, matting will ultimately occur.


How can I prevent this from happening to my pet?


Start with a knowledgeable professional groomer can give you instructions on your breed specific pet.  They can advise which brush or comb is best their coat, where the ‘problem areas’ are, how to help your dog become comfortable with the process, and how often they should be groomed. With a combination of work at home, and a regular grooming, your pet will rarely have to worry about tangles and discomfort.


My pet is already matted, what now?


If the matting is clumped together trying to de-matt your pet at home can difficult for you and potentially harmful to your pet.   Pulling at the skin may result in open wounds.  Bathing your pet will only make the mats tighter, causing more damage. The safest option at this point is to take your pet to a professional groomer.


If you have any questions, give us a call at The Soapy Dog.  One of our professional groomers will be happy to help you!


Most Common High Maintenance Breeds: *High maintenance breeds means your dog has a delicate coat, which is susceptible to matting without the proper grooming maintenance. These breeds are highly recommended to be groomed every 4-6 weeks.

-Shih tzu      

-Bichon Frise         

-Cocker Spaniel

-Lhasa Apso


-Yorkshire Terrier

-Wheaton Terrier

-Cockerpoo (Cocker Spaniel/poodle mix)    


-Collie (long haired)




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