Can I bring my puppy to The Soapy Dog for boarding, day care, and the do-it-yourself dog wash?

All puppies must have at least two rounds of distemper (DHLPP) vaccination and a rabies vaccination. Puppies playing and staying at The Soapy Dog must be also be current on their bordatella vaccinations. Our staff will verify vaccination records with your veterinarian prior to your visit for boarding or day care.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

In order to utilize The Soapy Dog, adults dogs must have a current rabies tag on their collar.

To utilize Day Care or Overnight Boarding, dogs must be current on rabies, distemper, and bordatella.  For dogs over 9 years old, who have a documented history of distemper shots, a titer test may be used in place of the distemper vaccination.

Do I need to bring my own shampoo and grooming supplies to The Soapy Dog?

No, everything is provided including shampoo, a towel, an apron, the blow dryer and grooming brushes. If you have a favorite shampoo or brush, you are welcome to bring them.

Do I need an appointment to wash my own dog?

No, come on in during The Soapy Dog business hours.  Open 10am – 6pm, 7 days a week.

Do I need an appointment for professional grooming?

Yes, please call 828.350.0333 to schedule an appointment.

If I want to groom my own dog do you have equipment I can use?

Yes, The Soapy Dog provides combs, brushes and blow-dryers. You may rent clippers at an additional fee.

My dog is not good with other dogs. Can I still bathe him/her there?

Because we have a strict on-leash policy and specially trained staff, we work with customers to manage and maintain a safe environment. Please check in at the front desk before bringing your dog inside. The staff can assist you in successfully bringing your dog into the bathing area.

Will the shampoos provided wash off flea and tick treatments?

No. All shampoos and conditioners are compatible with topical flea and tick prevention products.

Do I need to bring my dog’s food when boarding at The Soapy Dog?

Yes, we ask that you bring his or her own food. We like to keep their tummies happy by not disrupting their usual diet. Please bring food in an airtight container labeled with your pup’s name and any feeding instructions. We supply liver treats but feel free to bring their favorites from home as well.

Do I need to bring their bed?

No. We use Kuranda cot-style beds. They are very supportive and keep the dogs up off the floor.  We ask that you leave all dog beds at home. You are welcome to bring a small blanket or throw. Your pup will find comfort in having a piece of home with them during their stay.

How much outside and playtime do they get?

As much as they want. The dogs go in and out all day long. We watch their body language for cues that suggest that they are ready for some downtime or fun in the sun. The flexibility of our program and facility allows for older dogs to nap the day away or young pups to wear themselves out.

My dog does not always get along with other dogs. Can they still board at The Soapy Dog?

As long as it is safe for our staff to handle your pup, we are happy for them to board with us. We have designated outdoor areas where they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but not have to mingle with the rest of the pack.

Do you charge extra for administering medication?

No. We are able to administer topical and oral medications. Bottles must be clearly labeled. You will be asked to fill out a permission form that provides specific instructions for the staff.